German quality fuel tank Beetle & Ghia 8/60-7/67
Fuel tank Beetle 8/61-7/67
113201075AB View
Fuel tank kit Beetle 8/61-7/67
Stainless steel fuel hose clip 11mm-15mm
N10258201 View
German quality fuel cap gasket for 100mm filler neck cap
111201557 View
Fuel tank retaining washer 1302/1303
113201635 View
Fuel tank with small filler neck 60mm Beetle
111201075B View
Fuel tank with large filler neck 100mm
111201075 View
German quality fuel hose 5.5mm ID 11mm OD stainless braided
AC1278812BQ View
Genuine VW fuel tank 100mm neck Used Beetle
German quality fuel hose 7.5mm ID 15mm OD stainless braided
AC127800 View
German quality fuel hose 6mm ID 12mm OD stainless braided
AC1278812 View
German qualtity fuel tank to body foam seal Not 1302/1303 60-79 Ghia 60-74
111201621C View
German quality stainless locking fuel cap with gasket T1 for repro fuel tank 8/61-7/67 T2 55-67
211201551L View
German quality fuel cap 70mm neck with gasket T1 8/60-7/67 T2 68-7/71
343201551 View
German quality cork & rubber fuel cap gasket 70mm for S29510 style cap Beetle 61-67 Bus 68-71
211201557E View
Genuine VW hose clip VW logo size 54
111501159Bhose View
Fuel cap non locking for 80mm neck with gasket 8/55-7/60
111201551C View
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