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German quality early Splitscreen Bench Seat upper mounts
211881302 View
Full width complete middle bench frame with fold down for LHD Bus 3/55-7/66
211881370 View
German quality bulkhead early bench seat backrest stop Splitscreen 3/55-7/62
211801519A View
German quality full width flat back complete front bench frame Bus 55-61
211881370 View
German quality full width triple position bench seat mounts Bus 55-67
211881301 View
Pick up B post single cab Locker door side Right 52-70
Chrome centre horn button 55-67
211415669CCHB View
Dash Plate DDS
Dash Plate Westfalia register
Dash Plate or Roof rack plate
Car cover for T2 Bus with no pop top 50-72
Custom & Commercial gift voucher £10.00
GV1233 View
Klassic fab Complete A pillar Left side with foot rest 50-55
211809201 View
Complete cab floor LHD 50-55
211801051A View
Klassic fab complete cab floor RHD 50-55
214801051A View
Klassic fab complete cab floor LHD 55-59
211801051B View
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