Empi Deluxe car cover for Type 3 Square back
German quality Febi DOT 4 brake fluid 5 litre T25 80-92
CC23932 View
Bonnet release cable with Black pull knob Beetle 1/49-7/67 Ghia 56-74
143823531B View
Headlamp rim 3 hole 68-73
311941111A View
Master cylinder LHD will fit RHD with mod Type 3 8/66-79
311611015K View
NOS Genuine VW Type 3 wiper arm Left 8/69-7/70
311955407C View
NOS Genuine VW Type 3 wiper arm
311955407D View
NOS Genuine VW Type 3 wiper arm Right 8/69-7/70
311955408C View
Front screen seal with no groove for trim Type 3 4/61-74
311845121C View
German quality 8 piece chrome body moulding set for Euro model with side marker 4/61-7/66
311898101 View
Front screen seal with groove for C style trim Type 3
311845121A View
German quality Type 3 side marker lens Clear
311949109W View
Accelerator cable for double intake and double carburettor 2665mm Type 3 08/65-
311721555G View
Accelerator cable 2530 mm for single carburettor Type 3
311721555 View
German quality ATE master cylinder LHD or RHD with Mod
311611015K View
German quality door seals Left & Right Type 3 4/61-7/73
311831711F View
German quality OEM grey bonnet seal Type 3 4/61-7/73
311823703A View
Cal look window seal kit with 2 pop outs for square back Type 3 61-63
311845121C View
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