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Genuine VW clip for door mechanism to rod Right 8/67-79
7152 111837320 More Details
German quality shifter bellows for T25 5 speed only
20200 251711248A More Details
Chrome washer jet 55-67
4922 More Details
Genuine VW tailgate guide plate to body 2 needed 64-71
13476 361827185A More Details
TMI Front 1/3 - 2/3 Bench Seat Cover in Mesh Grey/Grey 63-67
4639 221881001EGY More Details
German quality orange front indicator lens Right 73-79
7756 2119531625 More Details
German quality clutch cable wing nut 1/65-7/73
9647 131721349 More Details
German quality Voltage regulator 12 volt electronic generator
9698 113903803E More Details
Genuine VW chrome push button handle non locking 1967 only
20133 1118373205D More Details
USA spec rear light bulb holder 62-7/71
4408 211945237KX More Details
NOS Genuine VW tail light rubber cap with flat terminal slot 70-73
13682 311945281A More Details
Genuine VW handbrake rod eye bolt pin clip 68-79
13387 More Details

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Welcome to the new VW Wholesale Trade Parts website! We deal directly with all the major VW parts manufacturers from across the world. We stock everything from OEM quality parts to re-production parts and can help you with your everyday needs. All parts are held in our UK-based warehouse and can be shipped on the same day. Please note that we only sell to the trade so we would have to verify your company details.

Once you have contacted the sales team and they have set you up with your new trade account, simply browse the site and click the 'add to quote' button on any parts you are interested in, and add the desired quantity. We also list OEM part numbers which can be searched on our site, and if you still can't find that all-important part, just email us with the OEM part numbers and we will do our very best to track products down through our contacts. (Worldwide shipping quotes available)

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