Handbrake cable Beetle & Ghia
113609721B View
Heater cable for back seat flap T1 8/64-8/72 inc 1302 Ghia 8/64-8/72
111711713 View
German qaulity handbrake cable Beetle
113609721A View
Heater cable Beetle inc 1302 & Ghia
111711717A View
Heater cable for back seat flap Beetle
111711713A View
Bonnet release cable with Black pull knob
143823531B View
Handbrake cable 1742mm Beetle & Ghia
113609721F View
German quality heater cable 8/55-10/62
111711629B View
German quality speedo cable Split beetle
111957801G View
Accelerator cable 2650 mm LHD or RHD
111721555J View
Accelerator cable 2660 mm Beetle
111721555 View
Accelerator cable 2615 mm RHD Beetle & Ghia
114721555 View
Accelerator cable 2627mm LHD Beetle & Ghia
111721555E View
Accelerator cable 2630 mm LHD & RHD 11/52-7/60
111721555A View
Accelerator cable all 1303 USA Type 1 super beetle with fuel injection
133721555B View
Clutch cable 2267 mm Beetle & Ghia
111721335 View
Accelerator cable RHD 2635mm 1/66-8/71
114721555A View
Handbrake cable 1710mm Beetle & Ghia
113609721L View
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