Empi starter motor bush to use a 6V starter on a 12V gearbox
Empi front gearbox support kit T1
Empi gearbox rear cradle & strap kit
German quality seal behind gearbox output flange IRS models only
113301189F View
German quality front gearbox mount T1 9/52-59 T2 50-59
211301297 View
German quality gearshift hockey stick with straight lever arm
113311541C View
German quality LUK clutch kit 180MM without pad 1200cc-1300cc
111198141 View
German quality gear carrier gasket Beetle & Ghia 61-72 Bus 60-67
113301191 View
German quality rubber Boot for gearbox to nose con
111301289 View
German quality gearbox nose cone seal Beetle Ghia Type 3 & Bus 68-79
001301227 View
German quality input Shaft Oil Seal T1 8/60-79 T2 8/60-67 & 71-79
113311113A View
German quality transaxle gasket Kit Beetle Ghia & Bus -60
111398003 View
German nose cone gasket Beetle & Ghia 53-5/59
113301217 View
German nose cone gasket 6/59-7/67
211301215 View
Front gearbox mount Beetle Ghia & Type 3
311301265A View
Rear gearbox mount Beetle , Ghia & Type 3
311301265B View
Front gearbox mount Beetle 8/72-79
113301265E View
German quality IRS gearbox gasket kit
111398005S View
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