Empi starter motor bush to use a 6V starter on a 12V gearbox
Empi front gearbox support kit T1
Empi gearbox rear cradle & strap kit
German quality seal behind gearbox output flange IRS models only
113301189F View
German quality front gearbox mount T1 9/52-59 T2 50-59
211301297 View
German quality gearshift hockey stick with straight lever arm
113311541C View
Genuine VW nose cone inc hockey stick Used
113301211H View
German quality LUK clutch kit 180MM without pad 1200cc-1300cc
111198141A View
German quality gear carrier gasket Beetle & Ghia 61-72 Bus 60-67
113301191 View
German quality rubber Boot for gearbox to nose con
111301289 View
German quality gearbox nose cone seal Beetle Ghia Type 3 & Bus 68-79
001301227 View
German quality input Shaft Oil Seal T1 8/60-79 T2 8/60-67 & 71-79
113311113A View
German quality transaxle gasket Kit Beetle Ghia & Bus -60
111398003 View
German nose cone gasket Beetle & Ghia 53-5/59
113301217 View
German nose cone gasket 6/59-7/67
211301215 View
Front gearbox mount Beetle Ghia & Type 3
311301265A View
Rear gearbox mount Beetle , Ghia & Type 3
311301265B View
Front gearbox mount Beetle 8/72-79
113301265E View
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