Early bay nose cone mount for gearbox with mounting bolts 67-71
Clutch disc 200mm
311141031D View
Clutch disc 215mm please measure your unit for correctness 1600cc 72-75
211141031L View
Clutch disc 228MM 8/75-79
029141031B View
German quality gearbox gasket set T2 68-75
002398005A View
German quality auto transmission sump pan gasket T2 76-92/ Mk1/Mk2 Golf & most auto
010321371B View
German quality bell housing seal Bus 68-92
091301131 View
Clutch pressure plate with pad 200mm T1 67-70 T2 8/62-70
311141025E View
German quality clutch pressure plate 200mm without pad
311141025C View
German quality clutch pressure plate 215mm 72-75 please measure your unit for correctness
043198141A View
Oil seal for wheel bearing
321501641 View
Clutch Release Bearing without pad 8/70-7/92
113141165B View
Intermediate pipe exhaust
German quality heavy duty release bearing clip 2 needed 3/50-7/70
111141177AHD View
German quality clip for clutch release bearing standard 3/50-7/701
111141177A View
Clutch kit 200MM with pad 1500cc-1600cc
111198141A View
German quality automatic gearbox fluid filter VW T2 73-79 & T25 79-92
010325421A View
German quality clutch kit 200mm without pad 1600cc 70-76
311198141A View
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