Heater cable for back seat flap T1 8/64-8/72 inc 1302 Ghia 8/64-8/72
111711713 View
German quality accelerator cable return spring Beetle & Ghia 50-65 Bus 50-62
111129901 View
German quality heater cable 8/55-10/62
111711629B View
Speedo cable LHD 1210MM Beetle & Ghia
111957801J View
Speedo cable LHD 1167mm Ghia 8/55-7/66 T3 4/61-7/73
141957801C View
Accelerator extra long for Type 1 engine with twin carburettor 2715mm Beetle & Ghia
Accelerator cable 2630 mm LHD & RHD 11/52-7/60
111721555A View
German quality clutch cable 2250mm Beetle & Ghia 60-61
111721335A View
Speedo cable RHD 1860mm Beetle 1302 & 1303 71-79 Ghia 56-74
142957801C View
Speedo cable LHD 1420MM 1302 & 1303
113957801A View
Speedo cable RHD But not 1302 or 1303 1545mm
112957801J View
Clutch cable 2260mm Beetle & Ghia 1/63-8/71
113721335A View
German quality front or rear hood cable tube Ghia
143827545 View
German quality bonnet cable tube Beetle 1775mm
412823557A View
German quality hood & deck lid cable Ivory knob
141827531I View
German quality hood & deck lid cable Grey knob
141827531G View
German quality hood & decklid cable Black knob
141827531B View
Clutch cable 2281mm Beetle & Ghia 8/71-7/74
111721335C View
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