Bumper iron bracket front Left or Right 8/71-7/74
141707135B View
Rear bumper Left section Chrome 1/60-7/71
141707313 View
Stainless steel bolt M8 x 65
N01036112 View
Front bumper Right section Chrome
141707114A View
Bumper iron bracket rear Left or Right 72-74
141707335B View
Chrome rear bumper center section 1/60-7/71
Front bumper center section Chrome 1/60-7/71
141707109 View
Rear bumper Right section Chrome 1/60-7/71
141707314 View
Front bumper Left section Chrome
141707113A View
Chrome uro style overrider front Right rear Left
141707156E View
Front bumper iron seal to body 1302&1303 69-74 Ghia rear 72-
111707193 View
Chrome uro style overrider front left rear right
141707155E View
German quality bumper to iron spacer bracket
141707121 View
German quality rear bumper iron brackets Ghia 8/55-7/71
141707335A View
Stainless steel front bumper iron to body fitting kit for both irons
Front bumper iron cover Left Ghia
141707137B View
Front bumper iron cover Right Ghia
141707138B View
German quality rubber bumper iron cover seal Ghia
141707251A View
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