Plastic glove box liner LHD Ghia all years
Lapbelt 2 point with chrome and black buckle and Wolfsburg crest Red
111870661GC View
Genuine VW glove box hinges Ghia
141898125A View
German quality horn button for OEM style steering wheel
113415669B View
Replacement dash LHD Ghia 58-67
Replacement dash Ghia 68-69
Replacement dash Ghia 1970
Replacement dash pad top Ghia 71-74
Seatbelt 3 point with chrome buckle & Black webbing
111870694GC View
German quality grey gear knob 7mm thread 60-8/67
113711141AGY View
German quality ivory gear knob 10mm Beetle & Ghia 46-60 Bus 55-67
113711141IV View
German quality grey gear knob 10mm 55-67
113711141GY View
German quality black gear knob 10mm 55-67
113711141BK View
German quality black plastic gear knob 12 mm thread 68-79
141711141D View
Flat 4 OEM Style steering wheel in Ivory inc horn button 64-71
311498651D View
Empi logo gear knob Black Vinyl
Empi shift pattern gear Black Vinyl
Accelerator pedal rubber Beetle & Ghia 8/57-79
113721647A View
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