Front bumper for long nose with fog lights in primer T4 1996-2003
7D0807221 View
Front bumper black with fog lights smooth finish 9/90-96
705807101N GRU View
Front bumper black granulated surface with fog lights 5/96-03
7D0807221A View
Front bumper black granulated surface Short nose T4 9/90-96
701807101M 2BC View
Bumper end cap black with lamp hole Left T4 90-96
701807321B View
Bumper end cap without lamphole but with lamphole outlined Left T4 90-96
701807321B 2BC View
Bumper end cap black without lamp hole but hole outlined Right T4 90-96
701807322B View
Rear bumper centre primered T4 90-96
701807311E2BC View
Rear bumper centre plastic black textured T4 9/90-96
701807311E View
Headl lamp light guards to fit Bus T4 Short Nose finished in black
701941034 View
Rear bumper plastic one piece smooth non textured T4 5/96-03
701807417 2BC View
German quality rubber washer / seal between bumper guide and body
N90174201 View
Bumper corner retaining clip
1H0807193 View
Underride protection / engine cover, bottom bus T4 black
7D0805685L View
Front Left bumper spoiler for GTI/VR6
1H6805903A View
Front Right bumper spoiler for GTI/VR6
1H6805904A View
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