German quality fuel filter Diesel T25 80-92 & T4 1900cc 2500cc 90-03
1H0127401C View
German quality fuel hose clip crimp type 10.8mm-13.3mm
111127537A View
German quality s/s pipe clip for water and fuel pipes 12.3mm-14.8mm
311133343 View
Stainless steel hose clip for water & fuel 16mm-22mm
Fuel hose clip 8mm-10mm
N0245281 View
Hose clamps for fuel hose x 4 stainless steel
AC1279224 View
Stainless steel fuel hose clip 11mm-15mm
N10258201 View
German quality OEM rubber fuel hose for E10 fuel 5.5 mm ID 11.5mm OD
N0203551 View
German quality fuel hose 5.5mm ID 11mm OD stainless braided
AC1278812BQ View
German quality fuel hose 6mm ID 12mm OD stainless braided
AC1278812 View
German quality fuel hose 7mm
N0203571 View
German quality fuel hose 7.5mm ID 15mm OD stainless braided
AC127800 View
German quality Diesel filter Valve 1/81-91
191127247A View
Fuel hose kit Single carb
AC127000 View
Fuel hose kit twin carb
AC127001 View
Seal fuel pipe to rear panel All types
113201189C View
Fuel hose joiner Flexi 7/11mm
171201543B View
Brass fuel hose T piece 6mm
AC129434402 View
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