Handbrake Cable
701609701G View
Handbrake Cable, Disc Brakes, 945mm
7D0609701G View
Handbrake Cable, Disc Brakes
7D0609701EG View
Handbrake Cable, Front to Rear
701711476 View
Handbrake cable front to rear T4 05/97-06/03
701711476A View
Speedo cable 1430mm LHD T4 09/90-12-95
701957803H View
Handbrake cable 1.8-2.5 inc Diesel 09/90-12/95
701609701 View
Cable clamp Ø 8-9mm
1H0971939 View
Cigarette Lighter, complete
1J0919309 View
Throttle cable T4 engine 1.9 Diesel
701721555K View
Throttle cable T4 engine 2.0
701721555J View
Throttle cable T4 Engine 2.4 Diesel from 1995
701721555AA View
Gauge bracket Black firs for 52mm gauge
701721555N View
Clutch cable for T4 1.8-2.8 L, year from 09/90
701721335B View
Speedometer drive / Tachoritzel T4
02B409197 View
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