German quality OEM rubber fuel hose for E10 fuel 5.5 mm ID 11.5mm OD
N0203551 View
Stainless steel fuel hose clip 11mm-15mm
N10258201 View
German quality fuel hose 6mm ID 12mm OD stainless braided
AC1278812 View
German quality fuel hose 7.5mm ID 15mm OD stainless braided
AC127800 View
German quality fuel hose 5.5mm ID 11mm OD stainless braided
AC1278812BQ View
German quality OEM style braided filler neck hose S/Beetle Ghis & Type 3 12/67-7/74
311201219A View
German quality inner seal to fuel filler pipe 2 needed Beetle & Ghia 7/68-7/72
113201215 View
German quality fuel cap 70mm neck with gasket T1 8/60-7/67 T2 68-7/71
343201551 View
Top quality fuel tank sender unit Type 3 4/61-7/73
311919051 View
Fuel cap with gasket screw type 1/72-79
321201551G View
Locking fuel cap with gasket screw type 3 72-73 T1 73-79
321201551H View
German quality fuel line T tube 55-67
AC129290 View
Fuel cap Beetle Ghia & Type 3 67-71 & Bus 8/71-7/73
113201551A View
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