German quality rubber Boot for gearbox to nose cone 1/52-79
111301289 View
Clutch disc 200mm
311141031D View
Clutch Release Bearing without pad 8/70-7/92
113141165B View
German quality clip for clutch release bearing standard 3/50-7/701
111141177A View
Front gearbox mount Beetle Ghia & Type 3 61-65
311301265A View
Rear gearbox mount Beetle & Ghia 8/65-7/72 Type 3 8/65-7/76
311301265B View
Gear box mount bush Beetle 9/61-8/65 & Type 3 61-65
311301343 View
German quality rear axle tube retainer gasket 03/50-12/66
111501131 View
Starter motor bush to use a 12V starter on a 6V gearbox
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Clutch Operating Shaft repair Kit T1 8/60-9/71 T2 6/59-7/75
113198026 View
German quality heavy duty clutch operating shaft T1 8/60-7/70 T2 6/59-8/67
113141701CHD View
Clutch kit 200MM with pad 1500cc-1600cc
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German quality heavy duty release bearing clip 2 needed 3/50-7/70
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Heavy duty side gearbox mount T1 10/52-7/72 T2 3/50-7/67
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German quality gearbox earth strap
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German nose cone gasket 6/59-7/67
211301215 View
German quality gearbox gasket set inc input shaft oil seal T1 T3 & Ghia 61-74 T2 61-67
111398005A View
German quality input Shaft Oil Seal T1 8/60-79 T2 8/60-67 & 71-79
113311113A View
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